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Synthetic Turf System

Players Turf USA’s turf system is comprised of four, variable elements:  turf density, i.e., ounces per yard, turf fiber height, quantity of rubber, and quantity of sand.  Making the correct choice of “mix” for these elements is the result of many years of collecting data and installation experience.

Adding to our experience is the ongoing input we receive from both professional and local soccer teams.  The result is that our experts are able to create a field that consistently provides the performance of well-maintained natural turf.

Our infill mix of sand and rubber will create the best playable surface available today. We know exactly what it takes to provide the right infill mix for climates ranging from hot, dry desert to the wet, coastal northwest. Players TURF USA is focused on quality and determined to provide the closest natural bounce and lowest practical GMAX compared to sand-base natural grass.

A word of CAUTION when looking at artificial turf claims—“More isn’t necessarily better”. A higher density fiber or higher number of pounds of sand and rubber per square foot does not assure a natural bounce and safe field for all the users. Selecting the fiber density depends on the type of game and the weight of players. Based upon the players input and many years of data collecting we believe we have the right fiber density and mixture of sand and rubber.

For example:

If you are designing a field for soccer players who are 1st to 8th graders you should not select fiber density higher than 38 oz. A higher density fiber creates a near-solid plastic mass that results in a very fast and slippery surface. Lighter weight players will have a hard time maintaining good balance and making rapid changes in direction.

Our Recommendation.

To create an excellent field for a combination of sports such as football, soccer, and lacrosse, and to include all ranges of player age and skill, our research leads us to recommend a field with a fiber density of 36-38 oz., a fiber height of 2 3/4 inches, and an infill height of 2 1/8 inches. This has been proven successful over and over since 1995.

Based on third party testing and our data collecting, we believe we have the right mixture of sand, rubber and fiber density to create the most natural and desirable playing surface available today. Remember, more isn’t better—it’s all in having the right mix applied in the right way. Let us bring this kind of field to you—choose Players Turf USA.