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Players Turf USA

Infill Exceeds 6 Lbs. Per SF

Cross SelectionSilica sand and rubber is a lighter system which plays like natural grass and does not tighten up due to constant play or weather conditions. Our method of sand and rubber mix will create a very natural field surface for playing.  The surface will create a natural bounce compared to sand base natural grass.

Rubber & Sand System

Cross SelectionThe use of rubber creates a playable surface for players to play and to help prevent injuries.  This rubber/sand system creates a consistent levelness. Sand compliments rubber to not migrate and float, creating a stable system. The right mixture of sand at the right level of infill ensures the sand not to migrate to the base of the grass within 6 months of installation.  Our system of infill ensures the sand and rubber play the same consistency throughout the years.

Fiber Blades

Cross SelectionFibers are polyethylene and can stand heat and cold better than polypropylene.  Polyethylene is a flexible fiber allowing players to react naturally to the movement of the ball.

Surface Consistency

Cross SelectionThis surface is level always, no sprinklers or water puddles therefore players can focus and play their game.  The Players Turf USA field will be consistent for years to come.

More Durable Fiber

Cross Selection100 microns thicker than the competitor and for the amount of fibrillation this turf can play very naturally compared to sand based natural grass and is easy on the player’s skin.

 Sewed Seams

Cross SelectionAll seams are sewed for better strength and all inlays are glued and stitched, this provides most durable system of installations existing today.a